>> I will first focus on the functional aspects, then step by step making
>> the necessary changes to make that final code compliant to the PEAR
>> coding standard.
> This makes no sense for PEAR.
> I propose this way:
> 1. pearize Metabase (functionNames, using PEAR_Error)
> 2. commit the stuff to PEAR
> 3. create a wrapper class matching PEAR::DB

I agree with all but 3. Metabase offers a superset of the functionality
available in pear, so the exiting API must be extended to support metabase's
additional functionality.

otherwise, Lukas, fantastic and I await your work... we will be using your
code in binarycloud as soon as it's ready.

Manuel: will you mintain metabase based on Lukas's work? i.e. is he taking a
branch or are you working together? (I hope it is the latter... as I would
really like to see the metabase code adhere to the pear coding standards).



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