Have you tried it?  I've done this sort of thing before, and it works 
just fine.  By the time the query string is executed, the variables have 
been interpreted.

So, if $colName = "id", and $id = 12, then your query variable looks 
something like "select * from myTable where $colName = $id".  By the 
time you get to executing the query, it's been interpolated (?) to 
"select * from myTable where id = 12".

Michael K. Dolan Jr. wrote:

> Is it possible to do a sort of dynamic sql. For instance, if I have a form with a 
>bunch of field/data variables and I send them to a php processor, can I just create a 
>loop to have it update all the fields without having to specify each field.
> In scratch code, I guess I'm looking for something like this:
> sql = "UPDATE my_table SET $table_field_name = $table_field_value WHERE table_id = 
> If you see how I'm trying to make the field name a dynamic variable, then you can 
>see what I'm trying to do. I have no problem with the dynamic field value, it's just 
>the dynamic field name that I'm not sure how/if I can create it dynamically.
> Can anyone help with this? Or can anyone tell me it can't be done?
> Thanks
> Mike

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