Rich, thanks. I got the dynamic sql to work (i had a syntax problem), now my problem 
is what's the most efficient way to loop it through all the form fields that are 
passed to the processor? This is my current sql statement which handles 1 field:

$sql_update = "UPDATE md_users SET ".$formName." = '$formValue' WHERE user_id = 

How can I loop this through all the form fields? efficiently?
I'm thinking of 2 scenarios,

1. loop and create an update and execute statement for each variable, but that has to 
be inefficient.
2. concantinate all the fields and then enter the names & values where I have 
.$formName and $formValue - I don't know how to access an array of the posted values 
in php. I can do it in ASP with a request array, but I'm stuck on the PHP equivalent. 
If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.



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