On Monday 28 January 2002 23:45, Markus Lervik wrote:

> Well, in this particular case it won't work at all, because the SQL-query
> is dynamically created based on what the user wants to search for. It
> doesn't nessecary include all columns. The only static bit of the query is
> "FROM uusi_lehtitaulu L, nimet N" and "WHERE (L.Nimi_id=N.id" : ) It would
> be just as big a mess with a truckload of concatenations, like
> $query = "SELECT " . $tables . " FROM uusi_lehtitaulu L, nimet N WHERE
> (L.nimi_id=N.id" . $search . ") LIMIT $start,20";

I usually give the concatenations a miss if I can and just use:

  $query = "SELECT $tables FROM ... ";

> Besides, I have a strange fetisch to do everything the hard way. : )

Masochist :)

Anyway, as per the subject, how are you getting $page? I assume it is stored 
in the session. Is $page behaving correctly when you go from one page to the 
next? Could you post the relevant code? 

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