I have an empty field in a mysql database table which needs to have text
inserted when  my client answers an email. The code is as follows

$query = 'UPDATE submissions SET answers = "$array[answer]" where id = "$id"
 // $query = $query . " where id = $id ";

 // echo ("The query is: <BR>$query<P>\n");

if (mysql_db_query ($dbname, $query, $link)){
  echo ("The answer was successfully inserted!<BR>\n");
 } else {
  echo ("The answer could not be inserted!" . mysql_error () . "<BR>\n");

 mysql_close ($link);

The query seems to work alright, no errors showing up and "The answer was
successfully inserted!" displayed. However, the table is not updated and I
cannot see why. The same happens on another page when I try to insert a 'Y'.
This script was copied from a third page which works alright.

I hope someone can help. I am going mad!!!!!!!.
Alex Francis
Cameron Design
35, Drumillan Hill
Greenock PA16 0XD

Tel 01475 798106

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