I am trying to do a left join on a "master" table, but I don't want to pull
all the records from this table.  Can anyone tell me the syntax for using a
WHERE or equivalent on the master table before left joining the slave table?
Is this possible, or do I have to pull all the records from the master?  I
have a table called "team" that is the master, I want to join a table called
"player" on it, but I only want teams that belong to one particular league
(flight_id), not all teams (there are eight flights in the "team" table).
Below is the basic syntax I am using now, and it is pulling all the teams
from the team table, not just the teams where flight_id=1.  Is there
someplace after the "join" that I can restrict "team" records using a WHERE
statement?  Sorry if this is confusing.


SELECT team.team_name,team.flight_id,player.player_fname,player.player_lname

FROM team left join player on team.flight_id=1 and
team.team_id=player.player_team_id and
team.flight_id=player.player_flight_id and player.player_status='captain'

ORDER by team.flight_id

or die("no friggin way")

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