OOps... second question...

I wanted to do a search of text documents that are inserted into the

1. What is the best data type for large amounts of text, like 2000
characters.  I thought BLOB, but I could be wrong...

2.  Within the above text, I wanted to search via keywords.  How would I do

"Todd Williamsen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> It seems that my insert statement doesn't want to cooperate..  I used the
> same format as in Julie Meloni's book.  I know, sometimes, her code
> always work either.
> here it is:
> $sql = "INSERT INTO Jobs (id, Industry, Other, JobTitle, Description,
> Location, Date)
>  (\"\",
>  \"$id\", \"$Industry\", \"$Other\", \"$JobTitle\", \"$Description\",
> \"$Location\", \"$Date\")";
>  $result = @mysql_query($sql) or die("OOPS!!  Couldn't Execute Query!");
>  ?>
> its not the whole code block... it dies and executes the "OOPS!!  Couldn't
> Execute Query!" statement.
> what is wrong... anybody?  Bueller?

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