Hi there,

PHP4.0.6 on IIS / Windows 2000 works fine with SQL Server 2000 (I have teste
this quite throughly) I don't know about unicode fields however as I don't/
haven't used them in any of my databases.  I know that varchar fields have a
few issues (can't retrieve more that 255 characters, you have to use text
fields instead - which aren't queryable).

What are you using to connect to MS-SQL? The MSSQL PHP library functions I
hope (NOT ODBC its much slower IMO).  Why are you using Apache on Win32 may
I ask(is it for apache functionality you can't get with IIS?)?

Whats the query that you are sending in your test.php script?



<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Getting this error:
> Warning: MS SQL message: Unicode data in a Unicode-only collation or ntext
data cannot be sent to clients using DB-Library (such as ISQL) or ODBC
version 3.7 or earlier. (severity 16) in C:\webroot\test.php on line 13
> Warning: MS SQL: Query failed in C:\webroot\test.php on line 13
> Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid MS SQL-result resource in
C:\webroot\test.php on line 15
> ---
> Using Windows 2000 Server with Apache 1.3.23 and PHP4.0 with SQL Server
2000.  Any ideas?  PHP's site didn't mention anything about SQL Server 2000.
> Thanks!
> will

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