Hi all,

Ok I am learning this on my own but I could use some help.
I have started these two pages test.php and config.php here is the code:


// include the database configuration
include "config.php";

// connect to database
mysql_connect($db["host"],$db["user"],$db["password"],$db["database"]) or
die ("sorry not successful");

// if no connect then exit

// if connect successful
echo ("you have connected");



// database config
$db["host"] = "localhost";
$db["user"] = "me";
$db["password"] = "mypassword";
$db["database"] = "mydb";


All I'm trying to do is successfully connect to the database but it returns
"sorry not successful". What have I done wrong?
I have gone straight from the php pocket reference manual and it doesn't
work. Would someone please explain what has happened?

J Leonard

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