Did you type this out or cut/paste? There was a comma missing between >>> 
state"\"zip   <<<. Should work when you add the comma.

Add a WHERE condition for the update, otherwise every row will be set to 
these values.
Common practice is to use single quotes around the char variables, saves a 
lot of escaping, keeps things more readable. In connection with this, 
echoing $sql would probably have revealed the missing comma, and don't feel 
badly, we've all done it.

Hope this sees you right - Miles

At 02:43 AM 1/31/2002 -0700, jas wrote:
>Ok what is wrong with this sql statement?
>$sql = "UPDATE $table_name SET
>The error I recieve is as follows
>Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in
>/path/to/wwwdemo_change.php3 on line 22
>Parse error: parse error in /path/to/wwwdemo_change.php3 on line 22
>I have looked on MySQL.com at the update function and it states I can use
>the SET under UPDATE for multiple fields separated by a , and it is not
>working... Any insight would be great.
>Thanks in advance,
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