At 12:17 AM 2/7/2002 -0500, John George wrote:
>I am a student a the University of Pittsburgh, and a new php developer.  Is
>it possible to have a mysql database that is made up of html documents that
>can be accessed using php?  This question may sound strange, but I'm not
>sure of any other way to say it.

Not strange, sounds like a content management system...  Store the HTML in 
a mysql TEXT field or like...  (make SURE to use addslashes() before 
inserting the data)

>Another question I have was, is it possible to have php recognize a user, by
>say password or ip address, and determine which which files or links to show
>them.  Example, say I had a user Joe.  When Joe accessed the password
>protected directory, he would be prompted to a page where php would then
>recognize "Joe" and then create a list of files (links) that he would be
>able to access.

Sure, you need to look into session management probably...  I have written 
a system like that from scratch, but there may be easier ways...

>Is php the right scripting language for this job?


>Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated.
>John George

-Jason Garber

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