Hi all.

I have the following configuration:

I'm running a Cobalt RAQ4i with Linux
Apache Web Server
PHP Version 4.0.3pl1

We have an application which is used via ssl.

There are occassions when a user presses on a submit button to post
information to a database.  The script itself is fine, there is no problem
with the php scripts at all.

The problem comes in, and I've seen this at other websites while using ssl,
that sometime, when they click on the submit button the error message:
"Page Cannot Be Displayed" comes up.  If the user hits the Refresh button,
the page is displayed just fine.

Again, this doesn't always happen at the same place.  Some users experience
it more often than others. And ONLY Internet Explorer users get this
message.  It never happens with Netscape.

I had hear somewhere an issue like this with SSL/Apache/PHP combination, but
am not aware of the solution.

Can anyone enlighten me or have any ideas?

Thanks in Advance,
Jeffrey Cleary

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