Hi Danny, you could use a cookie to store the user's username and password
once they first successfully login the first time or even better upon
signing up to your site. Then, on the login page(or whatever page is
displayed prompting a login) you could check for the cookie at the top and
redirect them to the appropriate page. If they don't have the cookie, prompt
for a login action.

Hope this helps,  Joe :)

Danny Kelly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I am trying to set up a session management system for my site. Check out
> my site (under development) http://www.planttel.com/newsite2/home.php
> I have a user auth system installed already. What I want is when a
> customer clicks on log in that it will prompt them for a user name and
> password (which I have established) with a check box that says "Remember
> my password" So when the user comes to the site they will already be
> logged.. Can some one shed some lite on that for me.. A TOTAL NEWBIE!!!

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