On 7 Feb 2002, at 18:36, Danny Kelly wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to set up a session management system for my site. Check
> out my site (under development)
> http://www.planttel.com/newsite2/home.php I have a user auth system
> installed already. What I want is when a customer clicks on log in
> that it will prompt them for a user name and password (which I have
> established) with a check box that says "Remember my password" So when
> the user comes to the site they will already be logged.. Can some one
> shed some lite on that for me.. A TOTAL NEWBIE!!!

You should read the following. The example code is in Perl but the 
concepts are the same:

> Basic Cookie Management


Randal really slams bad cookie management.  

Me, I don't like using cookies at all anyhow. I like putting it in the url.

Perl has more than a few CPAN modules to handle this.  But it would be a 
lot of work to re-write any of those in PHP. I'm pretty much a PHP newbie 
myself. I often look here for "classes":


And here are some for session management:


I just recently put  Sessionara on a site I'm developing but the docs are 
skimply and it didn't work for me out of the box as I would have liked.  But 
you might want to look at it.  One thing is that it uses global and I HATE 
using global. This does not use cookies.

I think you want a system that uses cookies. Try phpbuilder.net


Lots of stuff there. They probably have an article.


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