You most certainly can write enterprise scale applications in 
PHP/PostgreSQL.  The web is littered with resources to make your life 
easier.  For me, PHPLIB (on sourceforge) has really saved my life.  It's 
getting a little long in the tooth and the docs are, erm, spotty.  But 
it is definitely worth looking into.  It makes sessions (which now exist 
in PHP4), authentication, permissions, form management, and templates 
almost pleasant to work with.  It does more, too, but I haven't needed it.


Pagin wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am absolutly new to PHP and PostgreSQL. So far I developed production
> database apps for managing production in production comapny(using Clipper
> and DBF files). Now my boss has got idea to try using PHP and PostgreSQL to
> create another production apps. These apps should run localy in company,
> collect all infos from production (time, quantity, persons, machines,
> production steps, parts, material and so on). Later these infos lets us
> build statistics, production plans, control people, calculate prices.
> And my general question is: can I develop complicated database apps for
> production company using PHP and PostgreSQL?
> How complicated screens can I build.?
> What about designing complex printings?
> Are there any additionall PHP libraries for building menus, screen controls
> (buttons, radiobuttons, checkboxes, dropdownlists, window tabs and so on),
> designing printing reports, handling bar codes and handy scanners, creating
> charts on screen, any other?
> what PHP language or PostgreSQL limitation can I face?
> Apps I developed so far has got about 25.000 code lines and uses about 100
> releted tables
> Thanks a lot for your replays.
> Wojtek

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