Also, do you really need all those trim()'s? Maybe at least you could 
replace them with ltrim()'s or rtrim()'s - I don't know what your data 
is, but maybe you can pre-parse it? (i.e. keep the data trimmed in the db).

All of the if ($something > 0) can generally be changed to if 
($something) - do you really need to check whether they're positive values?

And the last thing I can think of: I don't know if this would really 
make a difference, but you can try echoing the whole thing from php - 
using less PHP open and close tags. For static strings, you should use 
single quotes so they're not checked for variables.



Bogdan Stancescu wrote:

> My first suggestion: replace all split() calls with explode() calls.
> Bogdan

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