Aron Pilhofer wrote:

>After spending two frustrating hours tracking down a bug yesterday - only to
>discover it was a misplaced quote mark..... I've had it.
>I am looking for suggestions out there for a good IDE for PHP development,
>preferably one that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I tried PHP4EE studio,
>but it is buggy as hell and kept crashing on me.
>Thanks in advance.
If you work in a primarily *nix environment like me, there are quite a few options. I 
have used JEdit, Nedit, and, most recently, Vim. I really prefer Vim over all the 
others because of its extremely flexible configuration, plus it uses standard vi 
commands and features. I actually use the GUI version, gvim, and the syntax 
highlighting, paren/brace matching, auto indent, etc., are all superb.

There are other options as well for *nix systems. Of course there's (X)Emacs, plus 
some commercial suites like Crisp and Visual SlickEdit, but I've found that the 
commercial products like Crisp and VS just aren't really cut out for PHP coding.

There's also a nice webpage with links to some other PHP editors for a variety of 
platforms. Take a look at I have found 
some nice editors from this list.



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