Hi Rudi,

> I've been struggling for a while now so I thought I'd ask.
> What's the easiest way to for to print group sql output.
> For example I need to output customers grouped by zip.
> Like:
> zip
> customer a
> customer b
> zip
> customer d
> customer e
> zip
> customer c
> custoemr f
> customer g
> Do I need to build array's and loop through them or
> can I print straight from a record set ( using Postgresql or Mysql )

As a general rule, I would ask the RDBMS to do as much as possible (WHERE, GROUP BY, 
handing the data to PHP - then use PHP to concentrate on getting the 
formatting/presentation (HTML) right!

What you're asking for is quite common - and easy to implement (once you know how).

Does that 'philosophy' answer your question, or were you wanting coding-level advice? 
If so, please post your
current SQL query and if it's not too long, the pertinent part of your PHP prototype, 
and I/someone else here,
will be happy to make suggestions.


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