Hi folks, 

i'm currently developing an module which provides an object based
access to databases content (does not mean that i use OOP)

for example we have defined an class descriptor for "person",
which specifies, that an person-record consists of the fields
ID (which is the OID, fetched from sequence person_seq), mtime
(which is also the mtime field and so touched when updating the
record), firstname, lastname, ...

then we can fetch the whole person record i.e. with:

$person = obj_find ( "person", array ( ID => 12 ) );

$person now contains an array with the person record in the form

array ( 
    OID => 12,
    mtime => "2002-02-28 07:23:00",
    firstname => "douglas",
    lastname   => "adams"

you can also update whole objects (or some single fields) of
the record or query multiple ones ...

well, i'm not really good in explaining the stuff, so please
ask me if you've got some questions.


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