Hi there,

I am wondering if it would be possible to have a autoincrement field which
is only 2 digits long. The idea is, that as soon as 99 is reached the next
value will be a free one withing 0-99.


A forum has not more than 99 different forums. So lets say we will keep the
ID 2 digits.
Forums can be deleted and created by the admin. As soon as one is deleted,
there is an empty number. E.g. 5
So we reach 99 and the next number should be not 100 but 5!

I did set the type of the field to int(2), but it does not change anything.
Still 100.

Has anybody a good idea?

Thanx Andy

PS: if somebody is wondering why 2 digits... I am passing this value like
that : viewforum/01.html

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