depending on how you print the result set to the browser, you just need to
add an echo "<hr>" at the end of each line. So, if you've fed your result
set into an array called $row, then something like:

print "$row[0] . $row[1] . $row[2] . "<hr>";

That should print out each result followed by a horizontal rule. Something
like that anyway. Hope that helps.

"Keiran Wynyard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I need to loop through a grouped recordset adding a <hr> at the
> end of each group, how can groups in recordsets be identified in
> PHP for specific formatting.
>  SELECT name AS name, dishtype AS dishtype, price AS price
>  FROM dishes
>  WHERE used = 1
>  GROUP BY dishtype, name
>  ORDER BY dishtype, price DESC
> The use is in the display of a menu for a restaurant, where there
> is a table containing all the dishes on the menu in any given
> instance, but they musst be displayed in a specific order,
> grouped by type. In other words, all Starters come first,
> followed by Main courses, followed by Desserts. Between each type
> there needs to be a seperator, the horizontal line.
>  Thanks for you help
> Keiran

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