Thanks to both Aron and Mr Crouch for their help...

Aron suggested three separate queries, which was a thought I had originally,
but as I was about to implement that idea, with the extra code that required
Mr Crouch came along with his 'test' variable idea. The code I used is at
the end of this post.

With the information supplied (and a little bug checking of my own) I am
able to say that I have succeeded in placing an <hr> above the first entry
of a 'dishtype' group, not exactly what I wanted, but light years ahead of
where I was. If anyone knows how to place it at the bottom (or after) the
LAST item of a group I would be most indebted.

Below is the reworked code that I used incorporating the ideas that Matthew
sent along, as a closing statement on my question:
 while ($a_row = mysql_fetch_array ($result) )
    //strip slashes so input appears correctly
                $a_row[name] = stripslashes ($a_row[name]);
                $a_row[shorttext] = stripslashes($a_row[shorttext]);

if ($a_row[dishtype] != $loop)
       echo "<hr size=\"1\" width=\"30%\" noshade>\n"; \\the required <hr>
    //here I placed more information about the dish
Thanks a lot guys

Matthew Crouch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Another way is to set a testing variable and then print an <hr> if it
> changes
> (this off the top of my head, probably bugs in it but you get the idea)
> while $myrow=mysql_fetch_row($result) {
> if $myrow["dishtype"]<>$test {
>     echo "<hr>";
> //here you would print the rest of the info about the dish from the row
>     }
> $test=$myrow["dishtype"];
> }
> Keiran Wynyard wrote:
> > I need to loop through a grouped recordset adding a <hr> at the
> > end of each group, how can groups in recordsets be identified in
> > PHP for specific formatting.
> >
> >  SELECT name AS name, dishtype AS dishtype, price AS price
> >  FROM dishes
> >  WHERE used = 1
> >  GROUP BY dishtype, name
> >  ORDER BY dishtype, price DESC
> >
> > The use is in the display of a menu for a restaurant, where there
> > is a table containing all the dishes on the menu in any given
> > instance, but they musst be displayed in a specific order,
> > grouped by type. In other words, all Starters come first,
> > followed by Main courses, followed by Desserts. Between each type
> > there needs to be a seperator, the horizontal line.
> >
> >  Thanks for you help
> >
> > Keiran

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