I'm on a red hat system, and I've soft-linked two directories:
/www/dir2/subdir --> /www/dir1/subdir

Now, inside subdir is a file that tries to include("../info.php"); which
prints out some information about the file paths and my database stuff. So
/www/dir2/subdir --> /www/dir1/subdir

Now, when I run /www/dir2/subdir/includer.php, it SHOULD include the file
"../info.php" which translates into /www/dir2/info.php. However, the
symbolic linking seems to have messed it up, and instead of running dir2's
info.php, it seems to think it is in dir1, and instead includes dir1's
info.php file. 

Has anyone run into this and/or know a fix for it?


- Jonathan

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