My limited understanding of Unix hard and soft links is that 
/www/dir2/subdir is not a directory, it is a pointer to the inode that 
is pointed to by /www/dir1/subdir. I think to accomplish what you want, 
/www/dir2/subdir would have to be a true directory, filled with soft 
links to each of the files in /www/dir1/subdir, or your include would 
need an explicit path.

Jonathan Hilgeman wrote:

>I'm on a red hat system, and I've soft-linked two directories:
>/www/dir2/subdir --> /www/dir1/subdir
>Now, inside subdir is a file that tries to include("../info.php"); which
>prints out some information about the file paths and my database stuff. So
>/www/dir2/subdir --> /www/dir1/subdir
>Now, when I run /www/dir2/subdir/includer.php, it SHOULD include the file
>"../info.php" which translates into /www/dir2/info.php. However, the
>symbolic linking seems to have messed it up, and instead of running dir2's
>info.php, it seems to think it is in dir1, and instead includes dir1's
>info.php file. 
>Has anyone run into this and/or know a fix for it?
>- Jonathan

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