Based on my experience, I see about 90% of hits during the week (as you
said).  80% of the daily hits occur during a 10 hour period during the day.
At 600k pages/month, that's about 13 pages per second average, during the
day.  Since hits aren't evenly distrubuted, you can plan on about 2 to 3
times the 'average', which is 24 or 36 pages per second.  Adjust the
percentages and timeframes to your situation for best results :)

You really need to take your application and run a benchmark test to see if
you can get that many pages per second you get on that hardware and decide
how acceptible it is for visitors to wait or be rejected.  Depending on how
intesive your scripts and how many/what kind of db queries, there can be a
considerable variation in what a given bit of hardware can support.

Hope that helps!


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Subject: [PHP-DB] Hosting - what's needed to handle 650K queries?

> I am working with a news site that currently uses
> static pages.
> I'm looking into the option of building a db driven
> system and new host option as we are up to about 10K
> articles. What do I need in a server to handle this
> amount of traffic. Site is currently getting about
> 600,000 page views and growing quite rapidly. The
> server I am looking at is athlon 1gig 512MB Win2K
> (portions of the site are ASP scripted). Will this
> server handle the traffic of approx 650,000 queries
> monthly. (Traffic is heaviest M-F)
> I would like to develop the content management system
> in PHP. MySQL has more than enough functionality to
> insert and pull data for what we're doing. We also
> have a MSSQL database. Which would be a better
> solution. I am guessing that MySQL would be as 99% of
> queries would be simple select statements and MySQL
> handles this well.
> Thanks much,
> olinux
> PS: Hosting providers - feel free to send me
> (dedicated) hosting offers off-list
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