I am working with a news site that currently uses
static pages. 

I'm looking into the option of building a db driven
system and new host option as we are up to about 10K
articles. What do I need in a server to handle this
amount of traffic. Site is currently getting about
600,000 page views and growing quite rapidly. The
server I am looking at is athlon 1gig 512MB Win2K
(portions of the site are ASP scripted). Will this
server handle the traffic of approx 650,000 queries
monthly. (Traffic is heaviest M-F)

I would like to develop the content management system
in PHP. MySQL has more than enough functionality to
insert and pull data for what we're doing. We also
have a MSSQL database. Which would be a better
solution. I am guessing that MySQL would be as 99% of
queries would be simple select statements and MySQL
handles this well.

Thanks much,

PS: Hosting providers - feel free to send me
(dedicated) hosting offers off-list 

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