Hello everyone,

   I am a little new to the list.  I have been reading a lot of the posts but have not 
submitted yet.  But I ran into a problem I was hoping I might get e little help or at 
least get a point in the right direction.

   I have a table called tblCategories with field category_ID with is auto_incremented 
and another field called category_name.

    I wish to have a drop down menu on an html page that is generated automatically 
with Category_name as the option and the option value=category_ID.  It is going in a 
form which I submit and adds to a mysql database.  Everything is working fine except I 
cannot create the drop down menu out of php. I would rather not have to edit my html 
page when ever I add a category.

   Is there any place I can look to see how someone else has accomplished this?  Or is 
there any specific function I should research in the php.net manual pages?  I have 
been looking but not too successfull.

thank you for any help you can offer.


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