On Thu, 21 Mar 2002, Georgie Casey wrote:

>-membership with the username and timestamp in the URL. The users clicks it,
>-and I run a SQL command that copies the row from "tempmembers" into the
>-"members" table.

I assume you are building up all your fields as you move through the site.
I would just perform an INSERT into your tempmebers table right away
setting whatever fields you have at this point.  Then as I pass through
each data entry page, I would do UPDATES to that record updating only
those new fields, leaving the old ones alone and thus preserved.

This way you only have to pass a record ID and the new parameters on each
page thus eliminating moving data through the URL.  Yuk.

Anyway, that's what I would do.

>-This process worked well for a while until I discovered if users enter a
>-single or double quote into any of the fields, it fecks everything up. So I
>-added an addslashes command but it's all getting a bit hairy so I was
>-looking for some advice on MySQL temporary tables for either using after
>-every form or at the end of all the forms.
>-Or does anyone have any other method I could use??? Thanks for any help
>-you might have.
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