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Im making an adressbook using PHP and mySQL.
I want each user to have access only to his/hers adressinputs. Now Im
wondering how I gonna solve this, ofcourse its very easy just to create a
table for each user but then the hole idea of "database" loose its purpose
=). How can I "mark" each input so that only the specific user who entered
the information can access it? If two users enters the exact same
information I want them both to have access to it...

I was thinking about a table looking like this:
name CHAR(30),
adress CHAR(30),
email CHAR(30),
phonenumber INT(20),
authority ENUM()            //--------here is my thought----------

I was thinking I could save the users name in "authority" and thereby
marking that this entry was made bye the specific person. Is it possible to
use this? Please give me a few pointers or better, give me a website where I
can read about it...

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