Not so sure you need to go to that much detail in the linking of your
tables.  It's a good idea for the states, but the zip is usually just an
integer anyway, so you can just store that with the record.  Next, do
you really need "Full_Name"???  You can extract that from the other two
fields.  As for city, that's going to be a HUGE table.  The only
advantage to making another table out of such is if you had more data
per record and you need to search really fast.  Just store that in with
the Contact info the single table.

The way I'd do it would be like this:

ID int primary key auto_increment not null
fname varchar(25) not null
lname varchar(35) not null
mname varchar(25)
suffix varchar(5)
addr1 varchar(35)
addr2 varchar(35)
city varchar(35) not null
state int not null
zip int not null

ID int primary key auto_increment not null
state varchar(25)

The field sizes are arbitrary, so think about what you're gonna need and
size appropriately.

Russell Griechen wrote:
> I am contemplating a Historical Database
> I barely can spel redundant let alone normalize so I am handicapped.
> The aim is to enter a name only once. I am studying linking tables.
> In the [Contact]
> idContact
> First_Name,Last_Name,Middle,Suffix,Full_Name,idCity,idState,City_State,i
> dZip_Code,
> Address_1,Address_2,
> [City]
> id
> Cityname
> id (al, ar etc)
> Statename
> [ZipCode]
> id
> Zip_Code
> Comment please,
> Russell Griechen
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