Wow I'm amazed and thankful for such help and advice
I thought I would attack this project piecemeal but that will not give a
clear view that will allow helpful comment without the full view.
I have a website at  a labor of love
So now it has become so detail intensive that I want to expand the scope
to include all field sports with a
Hunting...Foxhunting, Tree hunting Shooting Sports, Arena
Sports...rodeos, horse events, 4H, all linking to Contact table
Pedigrees...Hound,Whelping Date, Sire, Dam, Owner, Breeder... links to
Contact Table/zip/city/state/address
Timeline...back to Origin of each sport....all linking to Contact Table
Field Trial and Show Associations ...linking to Contact table

So I did not present the true picture as I was assuming that I could
piggyback all the tips and replicate them into a complete database.
Practically all cities and zip codes may have to be in linking tables
and the ID used in each category....So I know just enough to get me in

So reflecting what advice I have received to date:
[Sportsmen] name to be registered of www


Cityid pk

Stateid pk

Assn  (Associations)


Registry# /*Date to be a Timestamp?...reflecting yyyymmdd001 to infinity
refecting how many hounds born on that date*/
Whelping Date /*Is there such a thing as Dateid (linking table)*/
Sire   (houndid)
Dam   (houndid)
Owner (contactid)
Breeder  (contactid)
Colorid   (20+ color combinations)
/*I have developed a CSS file that will display hound names in a
heirarchial display to display a pedigree. My hope is to be able to use
only the Sireid and Damid to present 5 generations???*/

/*I will have a large server thus excess capacity, php, mysql, pop3,
mailing lists...maybe I can reward some of my helpers down the road*/

Russell Griechen

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