I have the below code that populates a drop down list. The code will
correctly insert the value $StateID into another a table. The problem I am
running into is that when I select the record to edit the drop-downlist has
the first option as the value instead of what the corresponding StateID in
the column reads. How can I correct this? The form to insert and edit have
the below code and correctly insert the StateID. I tried to write and if
statement to state that if the StateID were == to the StateID in he table
then print selected, but I think I am missing something.

Any suggestions?



// populates state drop-down list

$get_stateid_query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM State INNER JOIN RaceResults
ON State.StateID WHERE RaceID='$RaceID'");

echo " <select name=\"StateID\">\n";

while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($get_stateid_query)) {

echo ' <option
echo " </select>\n";

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