Something I used to do about 17-18 years ago to analyse typeseting code was
to use DOS's 'Debug'. It gave a hex value for each character in one panel
while scrolling thru the file. Compare this against the Excel printout and
you should find what code is being used for lf.

Hoping that debug is still available from the C: prompt?

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Sent: Thursday, March 28, 2002 8:53 AM
Subject: [PHP-DB] csv without line feed

> Hi,
> I have text file with CSV like format (use # sign separate each field) but
> there did not have any end of line character.  This file could open in m$
> excel but if I opened it in any text editor it will display in 1 line.
> could I handle this file in PHP code?
> let see the example it attach file.
> Sommai Fongnamthip.


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