I have hex text editor which could display hex value for each character.  I 
fould that this text file has only carriage-return (0D) in end of record 
but other text file had carriage-return with line feed (0D 0A).  So, when I 
open this file with fget or fgetcsv; PHP treat for 1 record or 1 line.  If 
someone known how to handle only carriage-return character, please tell me.


At 09:06 28/3/2002 +0000, George Pitcher wrote:
>Something I used to do about 17-18 years ago to analyse typeseting code was
>to use DOS's 'Debug'. It gave a hex value for each character in one panel
>while scrolling thru the file. Compare this against the Excel printout and
>you should find what code is being used for lf.
>Hoping that debug is still available from the C: prompt?
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>Subject: [PHP-DB] csv without line feed
> > Hi,
> > I have text file with CSV like format (use # sign separate each field) but
> > there did not have any end of line character.  This file could open in m$
> > excel but if I opened it in any text editor it will display in 1 line.
> > could I handle this file in PHP code?
> > let see the example it attach file.
> >
> > Sommai Fongnamthip.
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