sorry to post just after subscribing but I didn't find anything in the faqs.

I have to port an Oracle-based system to MySQL and am now investigating 
how to get rid of the Oracle specialities. I neither wrote the system 
nor do I fully understand how it's working yet, so I might miss something.

The biggest trouble spot seems to be the use of the ora_bind functions 
as in the following example:

$e = db_parse ($curs, "insert into usercomments values 
"."(:pkey,:pser,:pnam,:pema,:pdat,:ptxt,:psub,:pref) ")

if ( ! $e ):
       $err = "Error in insert statement!";
       $errn = $curs;
       db_bind ($curs, "param_key", ":pkey", 6, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_ser", ":pser", 16, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_nam", ":pnam", 128, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_ema", ":pema", 128, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_dat", ":pdat", 64, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_txt", ":ptxt", 1024, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_sub", ":psub", 128, 1);
       db_bind ($curs, "param_ref", ":pref", 16, 1);
       if (!db_exec ($curs)):
          $err = "Could not execute insert statement, sorry!";
          $errn = $curs;

The problem is that I don't really see what the use of the ora_bind is 
here. Is there anything that would forbid the port to:

mysql_query("insert into usercomments values( $param_key, $param_ser, 
..., $param_ref)");

Or am I missing something substantial here?

Thanks a lot,

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