Hey Guys,

I'm trying to get my script to group all my reviews by category now but now
it just displays them all in a row a bunch of times and doesn't group them
how I want it to group them. I want it too look like this:

Processor Reviews
- Review
- Review

Motherboard Reviews
- Review

Heres my syntax, and the page is online here
(http://www.hardware-unlimited.com/hardware2.php) so you can see how it is
executed now:

$db = mysql_connect( "db32.pair.com",  "net3dual_2",  "*******");
mysql_select_db( "net3dual_reviews",$db);

file://select cateogries
$r = mysql_query("SELECT category FROM hwureviews ORDER BY num DESC");
while($a=mysql_fetch_array($r)) {
 $category = $a["category"];

 file://select reviews for the current category
$select_reviews = "select url, author, name from hwureviews where
 $reviews = mysql_query($select_reviews);

while($rev=mysql_fetch_array($reviews)) {
 $name = $rev["name"];
 $author = $rev["author"];
 $url = $rev["url"];
 $email = $rev["email"];
file://print out review info
echo "$category Reviews:<br>";
echo "- <a href=\"$url\">$name</a> (Written by: <a
href=\"mailto:$email\";>$author</a>) - [<a href='$url' onMouseOver='if
(window.event || document.layers) show(\"$name\",event)'

 }  // end review while
} //  end category while

What do I need to do?

-Alex "Big Al" Behrens
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