Hi Big Al,
You're just running full-steam ahead into these mailing lists. :)

Anyhow, as olinux pointed out, you can get everything you want in one query,
but I would choose a different query (no need to GROUP BY category), and
then use a multi-dimensional array to organize the data. Here's my version
of your code:

// Connect to DB

// Query
$Query = "SELECT url, author, name, category, num FROM hwureviews ORDER BY
num DESC";
$Result = mysql_query($Query);

// Do error-checking for 0 results somewhere in here

// Add reviews to a multi-dimensional array - START
while($Row = mysql_fetch_assoc($Result))
        // Get pieces needed to set up array
        $ReviewNum = $Row["num"];
        $Category = $Row["category"];

        // Add record info to array
        foreach($Row as $ColumnName => $Value)
                // Store all fields except for num and category, because
                // we already have those.
                if(($ColumnName != "num") && ($ColumnName != "category"))
                        $Reviews[$Category][$ReviewNum][$ColumnName] =
// Add reviews to a multi-dimensional array - END

Now you should have an array that looks like:
$Reviews["Video Cards"][1]["author"] = "Chuck Jones";
$Reviews["Video Cards"][1]["url"] = "http://www.chuckjones.com";;
$Reviews["Video Cards"][1]["some_other_col_name"] = "col_value";

$Reviews["Video Cards"][6]["author"] = "Bill Smith";
$Reviews["Video Cards"][6]["url"] = "http://www.billsmith.com";;
$Reviews["Video Cards"][6]["some_other_col_name"] = "col_value";

$Reviews["Memory"][3]["author"] = "Joe Bob";
$Reviews["Memory"][3]["url"] = "http://www.joebob.net";;
$Reviews["Memory"][3]["some_other_col_name"] = "col_value";

// Go through array
foreach($Reviews as $CategoryName => $SingleReview)
        // Print out the category name
        print "<b>" . $CategoryName . "</b><br>";

        // List all the reviews
        foreach($SingleReview as $ReviewNum => $ReviewDetails)
                print "- " . $ReviewDetails["name"] . " (Written by: " .
$ReviewDetails["author"] . ")<br>";

Now, that should give you a real basic listing looking like:

<b>Category 1</b>
- Review Name (Written by: Author)<br>
- Review Name (Written by: Author)<br>

<b>Category 2</b>
- Review Name (Written by: Author)<br>
- Review Name (Written by: Author)<br>

There are some nice perks about the above code. If you added, for instance,
a field called "rating" to the database, and you wanted to display the value
in the listings, all you would need to do is to add "rating" to your
beginning SELECT statement. At that point, it would instantly be available
in the bottom $ReviewDetails array as $ReviewDetails["rating"].

The multi-dimensional arrays are a little hard to grasp at first, but they
can make things a lot easier to read/understand, which is what I strive for
in my coding (over speed). You never know who will one day read your code...

- Jonathan

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From: Alex Behrens [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]]
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 6:16 PM
Subject: [PHP-DB] grouping by category

Hey Guys,

I'm trying to get my script to group all my reviews by category now but now
it just displays them all in a row a bunch of times and doesn't group them
how I want it to group them. I want it too look like this:

Processor Reviews
- Review
- Review

Motherboard Reviews
- Review

Heres my syntax, and the page is online here
(http://www.hardware-unlimited.com/hardware2.php) so you can see how it is
executed now:

$db = mysql_connect( "db32.pair.com",  "net3dual_2",  "*******");
mysql_select_db( "net3dual_reviews",$db);

file://select cateogries
$r = mysql_query("SELECT category FROM hwureviews ORDER BY num DESC");
while($a=mysql_fetch_array($r)) {
 $category = $a["category"];

 file://select reviews for the current category
$select_reviews = "select url, author, name from hwureviews where
 $reviews = mysql_query($select_reviews);

while($rev=mysql_fetch_array($reviews)) {
 $name = $rev["name"];
 $author = $rev["author"];
 $url = $rev["url"];
 $email = $rev["email"];
file://print out review info
echo "$category Reviews:<br>";
echo "- <a href=\"$url\">$name</a> (Written by: <a
href=\"mailto:$email\";>$author</a>) - [<a href='$url' onMouseOver='if
(window.event || document.layers) show(\"$name\",event)'

 }  // end review while
} //  end category while

What do I need to do?

-Alex "Big Al" Behrens
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