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>Well, if you know what cookies are, then you know what session variables 
>are. You just dont know that yet.. :)
>Joke aside, session variables are special cookies, created by you or your 
>app, it is represented at the users machine only by a small cookie with a 
>generated ID, which again points back to the server. The server keeps a 
>repository of information, the session database, from which it retreives 
>the variables stored by your app.
>PHP does not, like ASP, automatically start the session, you have to do 
>that manually, and you have to maintain it manually on each page that you 
>want to read session stuff from.
>Check out the online manual for more info on session variables, 
>and also some of the tutorials at
>On Wednesday, April 10, 2002, at 04:36 PM, Steve Bradwell wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I am pretty much a newbie, I was wondering what php session variables are? I
>>am creating a table with php that uses mySQL "create temporary table" based
>>on user specified columns and some where clause stuff. The page then
>>displays the contents of the table with the table headings as hrefs that
>>allow the user to sort the table. Only problem is when the page reloads to
>>show the new sorting the temporary table needs to be rebuilt. I know of to
>>ways to pass the varibles I need, either through url params or saving them
>>as a cookie, and then parsing them out again. Is there a better way or am I
>>on the right track.
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