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> > On Monday 08 April 2002 19:15, Michael Andersson wrote:
> >
> > > What happens to a blob field with lets say a image when dumping a
> > > table to a file?
> >
> > I don't use BLOB fields. You try it and let me know ;-)
> Well now i tried, and it doesnt work at all, just so you know :)
> So now i have to fugure out a way to dump the table with blob:s in it to a
> file cause my isp dont allow me to dump to another mysql dbase over the
> or any other way exept for a file...

The FROM ISP doesn't allow it.  What about the TO ISP?  If you can get them
to allow access from the old server:

$Con1 = mysql_connect( 'oldhost', 'olduser', 'oldpassword' );
mysql_select_db( 'olddbname', $Con1 );

$Con2 = mysql_connect( 'newhost', 'newuser', 'newpassword' );
mysql_select_db( 'newdbname', $Con2 );

$R1 = mysql_query( "SELECT * FROM tablename", $Con1 );

while( $Data = mysql_fetch_array( $R1 );
   mysql_query( "INSERT INTO tablename ~data~", $Con2 );

Of course you will need to translate '~data~' into a valid SET or VALUES()
block for each table, but this may allow you to get your data out of the
old ISP's server without their help.


Rick Widmer
Internet Marketing Specialists

Well, that could maybe work since i am running one of the sites on my on
comp so... will try as soon as i get home...


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