On Tuesday 16 April 2002 04:13, Alex Francis wrote:
> I am trying to insert event dats into a database and to make sure the user
> puts the date in the correct format. I am now trying to collect the
> information from the three fields and insert it into one field.
> code as follows: $eventdate = array ("eventyear", "eventmonth",
> "eventday");
> when I insert it into the database like: $query = "INSERT INTO $tablename4
> VALUES ('0', '$entername', '$date', '$eventdate', '$eventheading',
> '$eventbody' )";
> for the $eventdate variable the word "array" is inserted.
> Could someone please tell me where I am going wrong.

You're trying to insert an array into something which is expecting a string. 
You should probably be concatenating your three fields into one string, 
something like:

$eventdate = $eventyear . $eventmonth . $eventday;

The exact format would depend on what field type your "eventdate" is.

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