Hello, roslyn.

You wrote 23 сентября 2002 г., 11:51:02:

Try file() function "file -- Reads entire file into an array".
See manual at http://www.php.net/manual/en/function.file.php for

rj> hello,

rj> im not sure of how to create a 1-d array. i want to read a text file and put each 
line into an array, i wrote the following piece of code but got errors,

rj> <?php
rj> $conn=pg_connect("host=abcd/djkfhjd/  dbname=ucs user=roslyn password=roslyn");
rj> $filename="note.txt";
rj> $fp = fopen ($filename,"r");
rj> $len=filesize($filename);
rj> while (!feof ($fp))
rj>  {
rj>     $buffer = fgets($fp,$len);
rj>     $charcs= array($buffer);
rj>  echo "$charcs <br>";
rj> }

rj> fclose($fp);

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