I am retrieve records from my MySQL table and I want to display the results
12 per page along with allow for a sort. I was just send a query to the
table with a limit each time, but it didn't sort all the records, so I need
to load all the results into a table to sort then display. Here is what I
have for code....




if (!$nextpg) {
   $i = 0;
} else {
   $i = $i + 12;

$prodTbl = mysql_query("select * FROM countryloft WHERE category LIKE
'%folk%' ORDER BY displayorder");

$num_results = mysql_num_rows($prodTbl);

$itemsPerPage = 12;

echo "<table>";

$mycolumn = 1;
$maxcolumn = 3;

//loop table until end of results
for ($i=$i; $i < $itemsPerPage; $i++)

   $row = mysql_fetch_array($prodTbl);

   echo "<td width=200 align=center><a
   echo "<br><font size=2>".$row['title']."</font>";
   echo "<br><font size=2>".$row['price']."</font></td>\n";

   if ($mycolumn == $maxcolumn)
       echo "</tr>";

   $mycolumn = $mycolumn + 1;

   if ($mycolumn > $maxcolumn)
       $mycolumn = 1;


echo "</table>\n";

echo "<a href=$PHP_SELF?i=$i&nextpg=yes>Next Page</a>";


Any help would be great!!


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