Why don't you let mysql sort and limit the records for you?  That's easy
enough.  Just keep track of where you are in the database and select only
the records that you need.

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Subject: [PHP-DB] results on multiple pages

I am retrieve records from my MySQL table and I want to display the results
12 per page along with allow for a sort. I was just send a query to the
table with a limit each time, but it didn't sort all the records, so I need
to load all the results into a table to sort then display. Here is what I
have for code....




if (!$nextpg) {
   $i = 0;
} else {
   $i = $i + 12;

$prodTbl = mysql_query("select * FROM countryloft WHERE category LIKE
'%folk%' ORDER BY displayorder");

$num_results = mysql_num_rows($prodTbl);

$itemsPerPage = 12;

echo "<table>";

$mycolumn = 1;
$maxcolumn = 3;

file://loop table until end of results
for ($i=$i; $i < $itemsPerPage; $i++)

   $row = mysql_fetch_array($prodTbl);

   echo "<td width=200 align=center><a
   echo "<br><font size=2>".$row['title']."</font>";
   echo "<br><font size=2>".$row['price']."</font></td>\n";

   if ($mycolumn == $maxcolumn)
       echo "</tr>";

   $mycolumn = $mycolumn + 1;

   if ($mycolumn > $maxcolumn)
       $mycolumn = 1;


echo "</table>\n";

echo "<a href=$PHP_SELF?i=$i&nextpg=yes>Next Page</a>";


Any help would be great!!


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