Hi Manuel,

"Manuel Lemos" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote
> Most of the popular database abstraction packages support prepared
> queries, except for your PHP ADODb. So, think about this before you keep
> throwing sand to the eyes of the users that do not know better, may be
> you understand the point of catching up on what everybody else is doing
> for a long time.

If you read the ADOdb source, you would know it is untrue. We support
prepared queries, and emulate them if the database does not support it.

> The reason for this is that you had the dumb idea to spam all the lists
> you could remember with the forged claim that ADODB was faster than
> every other database abstraction because your convinient benchmarks
> showed that.

Tomas Cox rewrote PEAR DB after the benchmarks were published to speed
it up. We even worked together to improve bits of PEAR DB. You just moan
about how unfair the benchmarks are.

> Since your database abstraction could not beat others on real
> abstraction features you used that to drag users to your package to push
> them the commercial tool that you sell and requires ADODB to run.

Visit http://php.weblogs.com/adodb-cool-applications for a long list of
applications using adodb with multiple databases. None of the apps
except the first link use our commercial product, phpLens.

 I think that pretty much refutes your statement.

> That was the lowest Microsoft-like marketing trick - trap them into your
> Windows clone database abstraction "OS" to sell them your tool for which
> you have no competitor because nobody else is doing anything like that
> for your own abstraction later.

I interviewed to work at microsoft in 1989, but as a techie, i would have
made microsoft bankrupt if they had let me run their marketing for them :-)

> Of course you may claim ADODB is faster than any other abstraction
> package, but that's because it does not abstract data type conversion to
> make user applications portable.

Actually it does, but only for dates, because I find that most other types
can be easily handled because PHP is a very good language. Char and
varchar and numbers map easily to string and float/integer, and so forth.

I have told you this before.

> It is the same as stating that driving a motocycle naked and without
> helmet you will drive faster than clothed with the helmet on. It is not
> the same thing, but unfortunately for the victim users that have fallen
> for your argument they did not notice that your abstraction can only be
> faster by doing less, meaning providing less portability support.

Of course. Unneeded portability that is not used by most users
is of no interest to me. You disagree. That is fine. The code is there
for people to read. Let them judge for themselves.

> John, as a marketeer you still have a lot to learn before you realize
> that you can't fool everybody!
> Next you will release ADODB XP the one that makes hidden connections to
> your site to track what the users are doing! hehehe :-)
> Don't worry, nobody will sue you for the abusing the monopoly of
> applications for your PHP ADO DB! :-)
> Manuel Lemos

Manuel, you might not believe me, but what you are saying will make people
shy away from working with you in the future. Treating people with respect
is more
productive. I don't really want to spend my time defending myself when I can
be doing something else.

So I leave this thread to you and to you alone. The floor is yours.
Keep it clean.


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