Are there any consideration for a ODBC-Driver, which is able to handle the
return values of stored procedures in PHP?? We´re using the new ODBC driver
for the IBM DB2 which uses unixODBC and it works fine, even with stored
procedures which produce temporary tables.

For stored procedures which produce return values there is at the moment no
way to handle this, because the variable binding functionality is missing?

In the www I found an announcement from Grigoriy G. Vovk which has written a
php-function to handle the return values from stored procedures. When I
wrote him, he told me that has deleted the source code and interested in
other non scripting stuff...

So what´s about the return values of stored procedures, are there some
considerations to get the stuff working for PHP?? It would be nice to have
those functions for ODBC or IBM-DB2 generic functions...

There is the workaround, calling a Perl-Script from PHP, but with the
iSeries Driver released on March 2002 perl support is not included yet... So
I´ at the moment a bit in a deadlock situation...

Karl Prinz

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