Not sure if you're asking whether you can append info onto the end of a
database field without having to get the previous information, but you can. 

UPDATE table SET MyField=CONCAT(MyField,'Appended Text') WHERE Some_ID=5;

That would update the row identified by Some_ID = 5, and append "Appended
Text" to the end of MyField without a query to get the previous values. For
numeric fields, you can also increment them like this:

UPDATE table SET MyNumericField = MyNumericField + 1;

That would update all rows in table, incrementing every row's MyNumericField
value by 1.

- Jonathan

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On Thursday 18 April 2002 16:51, Ron Allen wrote:
> I would like to make it so that my helpdesk section can append entries in
> their Master Station Log. Update replaces the entry....any clues??????

You would have to get the original value, append the new stuff then do

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