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        Hi All,
        I made for a friend of mine a virtual stock exchange (PHP + MySQL).
        What's all about: I took 10 companies and give players an amount of
money to buy stock. The stock available is limited, and after a while the
players should begin to buy and sell stock among themselves. At the end of the
game they will sell their stock at (real) market price. The one with the
largest sum wins.
        The system works OK, but I want to make the administration work easier.
To be honest, the administration job is no big deal, it is about updating the
price of the stock on a daily basis. My friend checks the Bucharest Stock
Exchange page, or other relevant page, and updates the price of the stock, for
future reference.
        I think there is a easier way, that is making a script to load the
remote web page containing the updated stock price.
        This is where I need help, because I don't have experience at working
with files. (I think) I know the theory (for my project, I mean): load the
remote page into a string, and extract the price for the relevant stock. How to
put it in code - I have no I dear :).



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