No thats not it. I connected above this line.  All of my errors come as
Sybase errors because of the install of freeteds used with the
--with-sybase=/path/to/freetds flag when i configure.  It actually ended up
being a spacing problem where i had concatenated the query string.  there
were two words that got pushed together causing the query to die.

Thanks for the info though.

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hehehe, you recoded PHP to reconnect to MSSQL, but you forgot
to redo your connection stuff.  "Sybase error:" means that you're
connecting to Sybase and not MSSQL.  *wink*



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Subject: [PHP-DB] Mssql/Sybase errors

> Hello.
> I have recently installed the freetds package and reconfigured PHP to
> connect to MSSQL.  I am running a simple join query on two tables and I
> the following error.
> <b>Warning</b>:  Sybase error:  'REQ' is not a recognized OPTIMIZER LOCK
> HINTS option. (severity 15) in  myFile.php on line <b>29</b><br>
> REQ is one of the tables in the database.  here is the query, which works
> fine in MS Query Analyzer.  Anyone run up against this problem?
> mssql_query("select REQ.DESCR, BUSINESS_AREA.DESCR, REQ_NUM from REQ
> REQ.BUSINESS_AREA = '$area'");
> I can run basic select queries, but came into this when i started using
> Many thanks,
> Jeff
> my set up is PHP4.1.2/Apache/Unix/Freetds 0.53
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