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I'm not too familiar with idc/htx but I have used PHP, IIS, MS SQL and Linux
and had great results.

Here are some ideas that might help you:

-Try installing PHP on your current server (IIS) now you can convert
sections of your web site one at a time.  Then you can migrate to a Linux /
Apache server with (hopefully) little trouble.

-Avoid the PHP's MSSQL_CONNECT, use ODBC instead.  Just my experience but I
got ODBC to work easily, I never could get MSSQL calls to function properly.
Also if some day you decide to use another database vendors ODBC will still
work (perhaps with some tweaking).

-You can still use stored procs (I use them exactly they way you describe)
at minimum you can:
  $my_sql = "my_procedure '$foo', '$bar'";
  $my_result = odbc_exec($conn, $my_sql);

-The best documentation is:
  http://www.php.net/  but I expect you've already fount that.

-I don't remember what ODBC driver I'm using but it just worked and I've
never needed to mess with it since installing it.

Good luck,

> From: Robert Webb <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2002 10:23:11 -0400
> Subject: Newbie and having to convert from idc/htx format
> Ok, I have been somewhat tasked here to try and do a web conversion from
> the idc/htx format of Microsoft to a more portable format. I am looking
> and using php for my scripting. My current scripts are very simple. Here
> is my setup.
> Microsoft IIS using idc/htx frontend
> MSSQL backend database
> All sql queries, inserts, etc.. are handled as stored procedures.
> IDC files only pass data to the sql server via odbc.
> As you can see we have setup the sql server to handle all the processing
> of data. The web server only passes data put into the forms across to
> the sql server.
> Here are my questions.
> 1.  What odbc would you recommend under Linux to connect to the mssql
> server.
> 2. Where would be a good place to go to get a feel on how I would write
> the code to pass the variable data over to the sql server.
> 3. Is this even easily obtainable. Or should I just start trying to
> re-write the entire site.
> Also I am including below a sample of what our idc file looks like.
> *Of course names have been changed to protect the guilty. ;-)
> Datasource: Contacts
> Template: view_entry.htx
> SQLStatement: DECLARE @typesearch varchar(50)
> +select @typesearch = '%R1%'
> +if @typesearch = 'name'
> +Begin
> +execute sp_corporate_wide_database_search '%name%', '%classification%'
> +End
> +if @typesearch = 'company'
> +begin
> +execute sp_main_company_search '%name%', '%classification%'
> +end
> I am on a tight schedule with this. Otherwise I would be only digging
> into any manual I could find first.
> Thanks,
> Robert

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