I have a db table which holds news in the following manner:
ID (auto-increment), newsdate (DATE), newstitle, and newstext

I have been displaying them by ID, and would like instead to sort them by
date (descending).  Since I'm using Flash I have been doing
mysql_fetch_array for each ID query and then separating the fields out for
placement in the dynamic text fields (has to be done for formatting), like

$news_details1 = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM newsitems where ID='1'");
$headlines1 = mysql_fetch_array($news_details1);
....then populate the fields with echo "&newstitle1=" .
$headlines1["newstitle"]   etc.

Can I do this in a better way (more efficient)?  and sort by date?  I
haven't done any sorting before, and if it pulls all the data into an array
wouldn't that really be a 2D array?  How do I handle that?

Thanks for any help or suggestions,


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